SMP Citra Kasih

A national plus school, the Citra Kasih School started in 2003 with the playgroup/kindergarten level, in partnership with Anglican Education Board of Singapore. Today, Citra Kasih School offers a complete education from playgroup to junior high school in Jakarta and Manado.

Built with the mission of contributing to the nation's educational improvement to help cultivate Indonesia's younger generation, the Citra Kasih School offers quality educational programs from a very early age. Continuing its partnership with the Ascension Kindergarten of Singapore, a renowned and admired school in Singapore for its successful and modern learning method, Citra Kasih School adopted and implemented the same method in both schools in Jakarta and Manado. All higher levels adopted the National Curriculum with creative learning approaches to enhance the children's life skills and self confidence.

Designated to children from middle class society, Citra Kasih School offers a qualified education with a reasonable tuition fee.

The School Mission

Providing a conductive learning experience which involve and reinforce character development, life skill training, languages proficiency and entrepreneurship education.

Deliver and enrich the National Indonesian Curriculum by incorporating varieties of learning approaches which enable  students to become creative and effective learner.

Curriculum Planning

Basic assumption:

  • Sck Secondary School will be developed as a national plus based school with 60% subjects will be delivered in English.


Citra Garden City 5 blok E7, Kalideres, Jakarta Barat 11830
Phone : (021) 55955914
Fax : (021) 55955939