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Bintang Indonesia is the leading entertainment tabloid in Indonesia. Issued weekly, it covers all about entertainment industry including artist gossips, TV content, music and lifestyle.

Aura is a weekly women's magazine. Featuring articles about women's interests, such as fashion, fashion shows, beauty trend reports, health issues and tips, self improvements, family matters and so on. Aura also accompanied with 32 pages booklet of recipes named "Lezat Sehat"

A media for teenagers, Teen's tagline is "It's fun to be teen". This tagline reflected by its festive content and colorful layout within the magazine's pages. They will read a lot of articles about hot movies, various kind of music and favorite young artists.

Bintang Home is a weekly media, which give inspirations and examples of many beautiful houses as source of ideas for the readers. There is also Home Collection magazine, issued once every three months, which cover specific area or specific type of houses.

Bintang / Aura / Teen / Home

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