Ciputra Entrepreneurship

Spreading entrepreneurship spirit to all kinds of people has recently become the ambition and big dream of Dr. Ir. Ciputra. Along with his mission, was born to foster entrepreneurship culture on the national scale. With the great support of Dr. Ir. Ciputra, has become the best entrepreneurship website in Indonesia, which provides a convenient online platform for audiences to access the entire entrepreneurship information, and to experience online commercial and educational environment. is the unique website which introduces all Indonesian entrepreneurs, companies and products to the nation and the world. Through this website, we are sure that Indonesian companies, products and services can be spread out widely to reach potential business clients and partners.

Our Vision: is a real website for would-be entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs meet all they need: Information, Guidance, Education, Advice, Case Study, Social Network, Funding, Service and Business Opportunities.

Our Mission:

Our missions are consistent with the mission of the Founder of the University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC) Dr. Ir. Ciputra. Our missions describe CiputraEentrepreneurship.comís purposes and specific role in delivering the above vision.

  1. Inspiring young people to be entrepreneurs and encouraging more people to take part in fostering entrepreneurship spirit champion.
  2. Helping would-be entrepreneurs understand what it takes to start an enterprise; as well as providing business education and opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  3. Creating opportunities for small businesses to be involved into e-commerce environment and become more e-commerce conscious.
  4. Continuously improving the impact of our work

To support the delivery of our missions, we will have an effective and skilled workforce to be known as experts in our areas of focus. We will also work with our peers and partners to raise the public's awareness of entrepreneurship issues

Our Service:

  1. Website Development and Software Development.
  2. E-commerce.
  3. Online advertisement.
  4. E-learnin


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