Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam

This project is among Ciputra Group's first ventures in overseas development. Ciputra Hanoi International City is 301 hectares and is a new world-class satellite city in Hanoi, the economic, political, and cultural center of Vietnam. It is located only minutes away from Noibai Airport and Hanoi CBD.

Specifically designed for ultimate destination, Ciputra Hanoi International City has emerged into an integrated city, serving tourism, business and residential purposes alike. It offers houses, apartments, infrastructure seamlessly built into commercial areas, sport centers, schools, modern hospitals and health care centers that will cater to the needs of the international community.

Ciputra Hanoi International City, under Citra Westlake City Dev Co. Ltd, received the Foreign Investment Award from the Vietnamese government in 2005 for its contribution in direct investment development.

Ciputra Hanoi International City - Vietnam -

671-675 Loc Long Quan, Tay Ho,
Hanoi, S.r. Vietnam
Tel. 844-758760-61
Fax. 844-7580763