CitraLand City Samarinda

The Citraland City Samarinda is about to be a satellite city situated on Jalan DI Panjaitan. The housing complex is very strategic as it is located only 2 kilometers away from the city center of Samarinda. Moreover, The Citraland City Samarinda is also close to the new airport - which is only 15 kilometers away - as well as the access to the cities of Bontang and Sangatta.

Using "the Art of Living" as its theme, the stage-1 development of the Citraland City Samarinda currently occupied 33 hectares of land and will be expanded up to 92 hectares of land. The expansion of the city-scale project reflects to the master plan by accommodating the necessity of urban people: establishing commercial parks, shopping centers, stores, schools, religious facilities, and other recreational facilities. In addition, the Citraland City Samarinda will also provide a club house with facilities such as spa, sauna and gym, sports club, swimming park, Entertainment Lake and adventure golf. This city also provides a clustering system that gives additional comfort and security to its residents.

Furthermore, the Citraland City Samarinda would establish a special compound based on a town-house system as an alternative place to dwell. The city also allocates a spacious area for developing apartments in the future. That is why the Citraland City Samarinda would be undoubtedly recognized as an autonomous satellite city.

CitralandCity Samarinda -

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Citraland City Samarinda
Jln. D.I Panjaitan, Kalimantan Timur 75118

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