Citraland Manado

Manado is nestled in the northernmost tip of Sulawesi. Endowed with scenic beauty and good infrastructure like airports, seaports, and roads, it is an attractive place to visit and live. People from as far as Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar, Sorong, Timika and Jayapura regularly visit and choose to reside in this fine city.

Recognizing the increasing demand for residential areas that blend nature and beauty, the Ciputra Group launched a residential complex in Manado with the name CitraLand Manado, The City of Blessings, in September 2003.

The residential complex, with more than 11 Clusters sold, is 100 hectares, and is located in the heart of Manado. The target market for this prime location is upmarket home buyers. Combining the city's needs for residential housing and increased tourist attractions, the Ciputra Group developed this complex with state-of-the-arts features. These include the Blessing Jesus Christ statue, Water Park, Citra Kasih School (National Plus School) and Miracle Walk (a modern City Walk commercial area).

CitraLand Manado will definitely become the trendsetter for a new way of living in the Nyiur Melambai province.

CitraLand Manado -

The Village of Blessing
Jl. Citraland Utama Kav. 1
Winagun, Manado
Tel. 0431-827888
Fax. 0431-827555