Citraland Surabaya

Citraland Surabaya is also known as The Singapore of Surabaya. The project was built on 2,000 beautifully landscaped hectares between Gresik and Surabaya.

Citraland Surabaya is designed to be a self-contained city, offering a perfect combination of style and excellence. This first-class living environment is equipped with business, entertainment, sports and shopping facilities, including a commercial district, shopping area, water park, and 27-hole golf course that meets international standards.

Today, Citraland Surabaya houses 3,500 families and continues to expand . It offers an impressive number of amenities including, a modern family recreation area, a commercial area with Ciputra Waterark and Gwalk foodcourt, education facilities including a preschool and Ciputra University, religious places, and an international standard golf course. Slowly but surely Citraland is carving a name for itself.

A self-contained city with a "clean, green and modern" theme, it is more than just physical development that transformed Citraland into a Singapore-like city. Solid city management played a substantial role in supporting Citraland's ,development. . In acknowledgement of its ongoing improvement and stellar city management, Citraland received the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 City Management.

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