CitraGarden City Jakarta

The first major development in West Jakarta, the Citra Garden City development started in the mid-1980s and today has expanded and transformed from a rural housing complex to a prime living space, with total planned area of about 400 hectares.

This project offers comprehensive commercial, recreational, and public facilities, including a Family Club, sports facilities, meeting halls, a Water Treatment Plant, a traditional and modern marketplace, educational, and health facilities.

Recently, CitraGarden City has released a new sector with about 50 hectares of land called Citra 6 . Citra 6 was developed with a modern living concept in mind, modern and minimalist architectural style and mixed with urban amenities This new sector offers an artificial lake and green area that not only functions as CitraGarden City's water basin for processing clean water but also as a flood control to its surrounding areas. These "green" offerings make CitraGarden City one of the most environmentally conscious developments in the vicinity. Additionally, the project is attractive to investors because a major road which connect to Jakarta Outer Ring Road was recently built to allow people to easily access the project's commercial offerings.

Citra Garden City -

Citra 6, Blok BG.2A/01
CitraGarden City, Jakarta Barat
Tel: +62-21 6198177
Fax: +62-21 6198213