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Ciputra Group Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Spirit of Digital Transformation Towards Sustainable Development

Ciputra Group Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Spirit of Digital Transformation Towards Sustainable Development

Ciputra Group celebrates its 40th anniversary by holding Founders’ Day at Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta, Friday (22/10). The event was held in hybrid, limited physical combination according to Covid-19 procedure and virtual via Zoom and Youtube. In this 40th anniversary event, Ciputra Group has carried out various activities that provide benefits and positive impacts, including COVID-19 vaccination as its CSR activity which now has penetrated more than 400,000 vaccines, then a virtual marketing exhibition which was attended by all business units through Ciputra Festival 4.0, series webinars, and also internally held Innovation Award activities.

Candra Ciputra, CEO of Ciputra Group as well as President Director PT Ciputra Development Tbk expressed his gratitude to God because Ciputra Group has entered its 40th Anniversary. Since Ciputra Group was founded by the late Mr. Dr (HC) Ir Ciputra and his family on October 22nd, 1981 ago, now Ciputra Group has transformed into a solid business group and contributes to building the nation. “We choose Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development for 40th anniversary theme, which means Ciputra Group has entered digital era by consistently making various innovations to continuing to contribute towards sustainable property development, and remains our IPE value, namely Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship are the noble heritage of our founders, the late Mr. Ciputra,” said Candra Ciputra.

Candra Ciputra also explained Ciputra Group has great achievement in reaching the age of forty. One of the achievement is Ciputra Group – which currently has more than 8,000 employees – has succeeded in developing various businesses ranging from large-scale residential, office buildings, hotels, apartments, education, health, information technology, insurance, recreational facilities, agriculture, arts centers, and property brokers. Ciputra Group currently has 137 business units with development locations spread over 43 cities in Indonesia and 5 cities abroad. The business units consist of 67 large-scale residential areas, 13 hotels, budget hotels and villas, 9 apartment towers, 6 malls/development centers, 5 office buildings, 12 schools ranging from elementary, middle/high schools to universities, 12 hospitals & health service clinics, 5 warehouse areas, and 4 recreation and sports facilities areas. Of all the business units owned, the Ciputra Group has succeeded in building more than 111.000 houses, managing a commercial area ​​more than 218.000 m2, has 1,549 hotel rooms, and has 9,931 apartment rooms. “In addition, we have also built Ciputra Artpreneur which later became a center for the development of arts and culture, Century 21 which is engaged in the property brokerage business and Ciputra Life which is engaged in the insurance business, as well as agriculture, information technology development, and others. All of this extraordinary is only thanks to the guidance from God, the hard work of the Ciputra Group Family, partners, government support, and public trust. Going down, we will continue our commitment to become a business group that provides real blessings and benefits for Indonesia,” said Candra Ciputra.