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Ciputra Group Holds Ciputra Festival 4.0

Ciputra Group Holds Ciputra Festival 4.0

Ciputra Group, a property industry leader that manages hundreds of real estate projects, apartments, offices & hotels, hospitals & clinics, schools & universities, malls, Ciputra Artpreneur, Ciputra Life Insurance and Century 21, celebrates its 40th anniversary through Ciputra Festival 4.0. This event takes place virtually on the www.ciputrafestival40.com from September – December 2021 by presenting various interesting promos in conjuction with banking partners and also conducting inspiring webinars.

“As a business group that focuses on property industry, we prioritize commitment, excellence and innovation. Ciputra Group devised a strategy to become a leading property company in presenting a variety of products that can answer complex market challenges. We are aware that company’s role is very large in building community welfare. As a market leader, we will strive to bring about a better life by building and designing green and environmentally buildings by bringing sustainable principles. Ciputra Festival 4.0 is a form of gratitude for Ciputra Group’s 40 years achievements, which presents to appreciate all stakeholders and community who have trusted Ciputra Group as part of their lives,” said Candra Ciputra, President Director of PT Ciputra Development Tbk (CTRA).

“Ciputra Festival 4.0 is also the inaugural event of Ciputra Group which is packaged in a virtual exhibition format and carried out simultaneously, followed by all related business units throughout Indonesia from real estate, apartments, commercial, insurance, property brokers, arts, business units. health and educational institutions. This festival aims to be closer to potential consumers by providing a comprehensive, complete and up-to-date consumer experience through digital information and communication systems”, as stated by Lalitya Ciputra Sastrawinata, Marketing Director of Ciputra Group.

This event collaborates with 14 banking partners who provide easy access to property financing through down payment services starting at 4 percent, fixed mortgage interest rates of 4.40 percent for 3 years and free of administration fees and mortgage provisions. The partner banks involved in this event were BCA, Bank Mandiri, BNI, Bank CIMB Niaga, Bank Panin, Bank OCBC NISP, Bank Danamon, Bank Permata, Maybank, Bank Nobu, BSI, BTN, BRI, and Bank Mestika.

Ciputra Group also presents various attractive programs, including discounts on PPAT fees and IPL discounts, as well as life insurance bundling offers with cashback from Ciputra Life, special prizes for top spenders from shopping at malls. Moreover, Ciputra Festival 4.0 also presents a number of attractive offers such as scholarships for outstanding achievements, discounts on education development funds, and free registration fees for the 2022/2023 academic year, all of which are offered by education units under the Ciputra Group, starting from elementary schools. up to university.

The entire Ciputra Group’s top management was also present to provide support at the opening of Ciputra Festival 4.0. “Covid-19 pandemic situation which has impacted all industrial sectors has affected the performance and growth of companies in general. However, we are confident that this situation will gradually improve as stated by the Central Statistics Agency through a report during the second quarter of 2021 that property sector recorded a growth of 2.82 percent. This data is in line with the acquisition of CTRA marketing sales in first semester of 2021 which reached Rp3.56 trillion during first semester of 2021, or has reached 61 percent of target set at Rp5.87 trillion in 2021. Supported by government’s stimulus program, namely incentives VAT, the presence of Ciputra Festival 4.0 will help consumers to explore the potential to meet the need for housing.” said Tulus Santoso, Director and Corporate Secretary of CTRA.