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Ciputra Hospital Operates Isolation Room Covid-19 Patients

Ciputra Hospital Operates Isolation Room Covid-19 Patients

Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City West Jakarta and Ciputra Hospital CitraRaya Tangerang are ready to operate isolation rooms with a total capacity of 210 beds for Covid-19 patients, as of May 1st 2020.

Budiarsa Sastrawinata , Managing Director Ciputra Group said this is a Ciputra Group CSR’s action for the community as well as support for government to provide a referral hospital serving Covid-19 patients.

“Ciputra Group takes a quick steps in providing isolation room facilities and medical equipments at Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City and Ciputra Hospital CitraRaya which are ready to operate on May 1st, 2020, especially to treat Covid-19 patients,” said Budiarsa Sastrawinata.

PT Ciputra Residence together with Ciputra Hospital also formed an acceleration team to add 81 beds in isolation room at Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City, so the total number became 123 beds. Ciputra Hospital also build large emergency tent  for isolation rooms at Ciputra Hospital CitraRaya with the capacity of 72 beds (total 87 beds). Thus, there are currently 210 negative-pressure isolation beds in a separate area from other general patients.

According to Budiarsa, the two hospitals owned by the Ciputra Group have been designated by the Provincial Health Service as the Covid-19 Service Network Hospital, in DKI Jakarta and Banten Province.

Regarding the cost of treatment, Ciputra Hospital will use the Minister of Health’s Decree referral number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 238/2020 regarding the Technical Directive Claim for Reimbursing Covid-19 Patient Care Costs. Ciputra Hospital will coordinate with the Ministry of Health and related parties including BPJS Health so that patients do not have to pay since the beginning of treatment.

“Thus, Covid-19 patients treated at Ciputra Hospital are free of charge and immediately handled first,” he said.

Irwan S. Hermawan, MM, Director of Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City added, Ciputra Hospital isolation room was equipped with medical personnel with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) using WHO standards from level 1 to level 3 and still maintaining transmission-based vigilance such as contact transmission (contact), spark (droplet), and air (airbone).

The ICU and HCU rooms at Ciputra Hospital are also equipped with ventilators and patient monitors, as well as hemodialysis rooms with sufficient hemodialysis (HD) machines to treat HD patients affected by Covid-19.

“All medical workers stay in the room facilities provided by Ciputra Hospital with a rotating system for rest and close supervision. Including, supplementation of vitamins to maintain their health. Some routine inspection programs are carried out to avoid the possibility of Covid-19 infection, “explained Dr. Irwan.

Ciputra Hospital also provides a free ambulance service within 5 kilometer radius the hospital. For a wider range, Ciputra Hospital coordinates with DKI Jakarta Integrated Emergency Management System and Integrated Referral Information System of DKI Jakarta Health Office for picking up and handling of patient emergencies.

Ciputra Hospital also provides rapid tests and swab tests services with RT-PCR in collaboration with government referral laboratories and government non-referral laboratories to improve the diagnostic accuracy of patients with ODP, PDP, and Covid-19 criteria. “Especially for rapid tests, Ciputra Hospital will serve a drive thru system for public in the near time,” he said.