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Ciputra Mall Tangerang Organizes Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Ciputra Mall Tangerang Organizes Covid-19 Vaccination Program

The first phase of vaccination rollout for elderly is held at Ciputra Mall Tangerang on 16-27 March 2021. This event is a part of Tangerang Regency Government’s program and supported by Ciputra Residence through Ciputra Mall Tangerang and Ciputra Hospital CitraRaya Tangerang.

With a target of 3,000 vaccine recipients, the event is expected to support the Tangerang Regency Government in promoting the Central Government’s nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program.

Tangerang Regent Ahmad Zaki Iskandar said that the vaccination in CitraRaya Tangerang was carried out by Ciputra Hospital in order to inoculate 3,000 residents of Western Tangerang Regency. “Within the Western region, areas that we have been monitoring are Curug and Panongan Districts, including Balaraja,” he said.

He added that the Tangerang Regency will support the President’s and the Minister of Health’s goals for one million vaccines. “In Tangerang Regency, we expect to inoculate at least 15,000 people per day if we are mandated with more vaccines later,” he said.

“With a combination of vaccine rollouts in healthcare facilities, both public and private hospitals, in vaccine distribution centers such as the one being held today, and vaccines for academicians across the universities in Tangerang, as well as adequate amount of vaccinators and infrastructure, we are able to provide 15,000 vaccines per day,” he added.

Budiarsa Sastrawinata, President Director of Ciputra Residence, said that he will fully support the vaccination rollout for elderly as it expresses Ciputra Group’s concern in combating the COVID-19. “We strive to allocate all the resources available to make this program successful so that the Indonesians will be free from COVID-19,” Budiarsa said on Sunday (21/3).

Through a collaboration across business units within Ciputra Group, the Tangerang residents are expected to have their activities back to normal and the economy to recover. “If the community is free from COVID-19, we hope that the economy will be able to recover, there will be more job opportunities available, and people can carry out their activities freely,” Budiarsa added.

This vaccination rollout for elderly is fully supported by medical personnel from Ciputra Hospital CitraRaya Tangerang, of which 12 medical and 10 non-medical personnel are deployed every day to carry out the program. “We have 8 to 10 inoculation station to shorten the queue and we aim for 250-500 people per day,” said dr. Ridwan T. Lembong, the Director of Ciputra Hospital CitraRaya Tangerang.

The program is carried out in accordance to the government’s health protocol. Since the beginning of the registration process to the end of the inoculation, all the procedures are performed in a way that minimizes direct contacts and avoids crowds.

“We use online link for the registration so that people can register from their houses. On the ground, we set a physical distance among the participants since the registration process all the way to the end of the inoculation. We keep a 1.5-meter distance between seats as well as provide hand rubs inside and at the entrance area. All personnel are equipped with a complete PPE (personal protective equipment) and of course the participants are required to wear masks and keep their distance,” he said.

Source: kontan.co.id

Photo credit : www.medcom.id