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Ciputra Publishes Inaugural Sustainability Report

Ciputra Publishes Inaugural Sustainability Report

PT Ciputra Development Tbk (“the Company”) voluntarily published its inaugural sustainability report for 2020. The report iterates the commitment and accountability of the Company to the stakeholders and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This marks a significant milestone for Ciputra Development towards its sustainability journey.

“With a wide geographical reach spanning 34 cities in Indonesia, we are acutely aware of our ability to influence change towards a more sustainable future. We continuously strive to integrate sustainability in our policies and operations. We also ensure that our business activities benefit the community,” explained the President Director of the Ciputra Development, Candra Ciputra.

The Company’s commitment to promoting sustainability initiatives is embodied through three sustainability pillars: Spirit of Excellence and Innovation; Building Cities, Building Lives; and Responsible Development. The Spirit of Excellence and Innovation pillar covers the economic performance and significant indirect economic impact among the stakeholders. The Building Cities, Building Lives pillar is implemented through various initiatives in social aspects, such as COVID-19 pandemic mitigation efforts as well as health and safety of the workers, customers, and surrounding communities. The Responsible Development pillar is the Company’s response towards growing concerns on environmental aspects, particularly global warming and climate change. Ciputra Development’s initiatives in environmental aspects implemented in 2020 included the measurement and calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, use of environmentally friendly materials, and the involvement of the community in environmental conservation through the EcoCulture program.

The Company’s sustainability report is available at the following link.