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Hope Comes True

Hope Comes True

The women’s doubles badminton gold medalist at Tokyo Olympics 2020, Greysia Polii, is a person who close to the late Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra. This can be seen from video documentation and testimonials of Greysia Polii and the late Mr. Ciputra that have been uploaded on social media. Greysia Polii, a badminton player from Jaya Raya Badminton Club, considers the late Mr. Ciputra as her mentor and motivator in badminton career.

The late Mr. Ciputra as the Founder of Jaya Raya Badminton Club, once expressed his hopes and prayers for Greysia Polii to be successful in her badminton career and family, “I wish Greysia Polii success in playing badminton, and also in family. Lord Jesus’ blessing always with Greysia Polii,” said the late Mr. Ciputra after giving bonuses to Jaya Raya Badminton Club athletes who had achievements at Asian Games 2018.

Greysia Polii uploaded the Vlog on her social media account, after acknowledged grieving news of the late Mr. Ciputra in 2019. Greysia said that the late Mr. Ciputra had became her Opa (grandfather) figure, since she was a child. The late Mr. Ciputra always motivate her to never give up in pursuing badminton career.

“The late Mr. Ciputra continued to give spirit and motivation to me and other athletes, even though at that time his health started declining. Sometimes, he also give us advices, besides badminton. He also often call me directly and sent motivational advice or whatever on his mind,” said Greysia Polii remembering the late Mr. Ciputra.

And now, the hopes, prayers, and motivations given by the late Mr. Ciputra have come true. Greysia Polii has make all the dreams come true, by winning the women’s doubles badminton gold medal at Tokyo Olympics 2020.