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Need 2 Percent Entrepreneur To Promote State

Need 2 Percent Entrepreneur To Promote State



It takes about 2 percent of entrepreneurs from the population to support the optimization of economic growth. Although in terms of population, Indonesia occupies the fourth most populous position in the world after China, India and the United States, but the number of entrepreneurs is still below 2 percent.

That number is certainly still very low compared to neighboring countries such as Singapore which reached 7 percent and Malaysia who broke 5 percent. The percentage of entrepreneurs in the country that is still very low it eventually became one of the causes of slowing the pace of economic growth.

The low number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia due to many factors and one of them is not entrenched entrepreneur entrepreneur since early age. The introduction of entrepreneurship should be an educational curriculum. Entrepreneurial profession with all sorts of ins and outs should be introduced in elementary school, so the skills and insight into entrepreneurship in the minds and thoughts of the generation of the nation began to be honed.

Teaching and distributing entrepreneurship to the nation’s generation is easy. We can begin by introducing four basic things that are closely related to entrepreneurship. The four things are ideas, dreams, visions and concepts.

In the world of entrepreneurship, ideas can be defined as something that needs to be thought of, known or diimaginasikan. Ideas can be plans, schemes, projects or intentions. The basic capital of an entrepreneur is an idea and it is better to think about this idea as a question to be realized like “how should the idea be applied in the best way or in different ways” and a number of other questions.

In the world of entrepreneurship, dreams can be interpreted as a picture or thought. This dream can be hope or aspiration. A person with an entrepreneurial spirit will start dreaming after gathering a myriad of ideas in his head. The dream is certainly closely related to positive expectations and leads to the realization of a step toward success.

In the world of entrepreneurship, vision can be interpreted as something to respond to dreams. Once someone has found the idea and then dared to dream it, that’s where the vision arises. Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit will be able to see and string clearly in his thinking how ideas and dreams can turn into detailed pieces of action. And to achieve that, entrepreneurs will fight hard by optimizing their creativity.

In the world of entrepreneur, concept can be interpreted as abstract idea or idea conclusion. So called because the concept is usually used as a stage to show that someone has thought about it from the beginning but he has not really realized it into the real world or has not found an effective way to make it happen. For the entrepreneurial spirit, the concept can be realized with a variety of creative ways.

(Disarikan dari pidato Ir Ciputra yang disampaikan dalam acara pembukaan Global Entrepreneurship Week, di Bank Indonesia 2015)