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What Is the Meaning of Changing Dirt and Waste into Gold? (CiputraWay Series Part II)

What Is the Meaning of Changing Dirt and Waste into Gold? (CiputraWay Series Part II)

“An entrepreneur turns dirt and wreck into gold”

The above definition is a simple but meaningful definition of Ciputra. Let’s do the exploration and reflection as follows:

  1. Is there any evidence that dirt and wreckage can be converted into gold? Not yet there? The message we can catch is entrepreneurship Ciputra way is entrepreneurship who dare to dream by way of aspire something that has not been examples before. In another sentence, Ciputra says as “The Power of Dream”. The sentence from George Bernard Shaw will complete the above understanding, he says, “You see things, and you see why.
  2. Is it possible now that there is already an engineering process that can turn the scrap into gold precious metal? It may already be there but it may cost too much so it is better to be mined. Can one find an innovation that can actually convert scrap metal into gold at a cheaper price? Probably not, that’s something that may happen in the future if there is continuous effort. This shows that an entrepreneur is not just a dream that is impossible to happen. They dream of deliberately something beautiful that has not been found, but it is possible to be discovered. For an entrepreneur, what he thinks is his first dream of how. Walt Disney says, “If you can drean it, then you can do it”. So, how to follow the dream and not the dream follow the existing way. With a brief sentence, the entrepreneur destroys the old solution by creating a new dream.
  3. What are the ways we increase the value of the junk? Simple actions up to innovation can be done. The addition of this new value can be simple just by sifting through the secondhand items that can be sold or by adding value to creativity like making it as an art object. The more and more value-added qualities are worn, the junk will be more expensive. For scrap iron changed to gold how much added value should be created? A lot is not it? It is not possible with simple actions, dirt and debris can be gold. It shows that entrepreneurs Ciputra way is entrepreneurship who want to innovate in various things such that customers can not say no?
  4. Gold is the end result of the creative and dramatic process that an entrepreneur does. Gold is a precious metal, people around the world see gold as a precious object. Gold is always sought, safeguarded, disclosed, and traded because gold is also an investment product. Entrepreneurship the way Ciputra sees and assesses such “gold” stories. As entrepreneurs, we should continually ask whether what we produce really has become something that is so valuable to customers that they are looking for, buying at a premium price then can be sold for a better price.

Understanding “turning dirt and wreck into gold” can be replaced with the following sentences to create a context that suits the real estate business:

  • An entrepreneur turns dry and arid regions into prominent housing.
  • An entrepreneur is turning the corner of a shabby and crime-prone city into a multi-functional commercial building complex crowded with customers.
  • An entrepreneur transforms a remote location such as “jin waste place” into a famous tourist destination abroad.

Can the above definition apply to those who are not the owner of a business? Here are some examples:

  • An “entrepreneur” Director will turn the company’s problem into a new opportunity that has never existed before.
  • An “entrepreneur” Manager will turn customer complaints into inspiration that results in superior products
  • An architect who “entrepreneur” will turn the corner or skewer into an exclusive high-value plot.
  • An “entrepreneur” Sales will transform customer’s doubt into a new belief in the customer that he also needs to invite his friends to stay on the Ciputra project.

(Written by Antonius Tanan, Senior Director of Ciputra Group Excerpted from the Booklet “Understanding the 12 Principles of Entrepreneurship Ciputra Way” A Reflection on Entrepreneurship Ciputra Way Jakarta 2017)